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Nolen's Formal Apparel
Even though it is impossible to always please everyone, Nolen's pleases 98% of their customers all of the time.  On that most important day, why take a chance with inexperienced commissioned sales personnel that work at discount bridal stores like David's Bridal.  You owe it to yourself to see what others say before you choose.  Nolen's staff is experienced and it is family owned and operated.  They have specialized in bridal wear and men's formalwear in the Brazos Valley since 2002.  You will be working with one of the owners at NOLEN'S and not a commissioned sales person.  Nor will you become surprised about a questionable advertising gimmick used to lure you into the store.  So take a moment and review some of the things other customers have had to say and then, VISIT NOLEN'S!
We at Nolen's have excellent Bridal reviews.  Our customers have posted reviews for Nolen's and they are highly rated.  David's Bridal reviews are poor to bad most of the time.  Read reviews for David's Bridal in Bryan/College Station TX   before making a wedding choice.  Then read the postings for Nolen's Formal Apparel and compare the review results.  You will find that Nolen's Formals is always rated high.  Most of the the time we receive the highest five star rating.  So if you are shopping in Bryan, TX, College Station, TX, or anywhere in Central Texas for a men's tuxedo, a wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress, bridal accessories, formal accessories or any formalwear, go to Nolen's  Bridal Store.